In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.  

Albert Camus

ABOUT SoulSeeker



Everybody knows that new experiences keep the mind fresh, creativity flowing and life meaningful. But it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, running the same old patterns in our thinking, in our careers, in our relationships or in our art.

Soulseeker is a community determined to shake up those patterns, with a playful approach to the inner game of creativity based on new practices, new experiences, new ways of thinking, and new juxtapositions of ideas and teachings from fields that don’t normally seem related.

In our classes, events, coaching and retreats you’ll learn everything from hypnotic techniques that can help you break through writers block and how you can use Tarot to find your real life purpose, to high-tech time management and productivity life hacks that can make your life work for you, instead of the other way around.

Working with Soulseeker, you’ll look at your creativity from all sides, spark your inspiration, break through the barriers that might be keeping you stuck, and develop a swiss army knife of new skills in your pocket, so you can work less, play more, and create a life you love.


Make a Connection

Dive into the SoulSeeker community and you will find a group of people who know how to love.  Connect with others in the SS community and let your unique and creative voice be heard.  Inspiration is a click away.

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Work with Me

You can’t do it alone.  Well…ok, you can, but what fun is that!?!  When you work with me one on one or in a workshop, you not only achieve your goals, you enjoy the process.  Stay on target with what you want to achieve and hack the most efficient use of your time and creative efforts.  Working with me is a powerful step on your way to creating a life you absolutely love.

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Create & Discover

SoulSeeker is my way of expressing myself and sharing the stories of those living a life of creative flow.  You have a choice on how you spend each and every moment.  Are you riding the wave or letting it crash into the beach?  Take a look at some of our fellow SoulSeekers and see how they live in flow.