Be brave.  Take risks.  Nothing can substitute experience.  

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Here's what our Clients are Saying

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Kim Harty, Nonprofit Executive

Lacy has an uncanny knack for converting a fear into a passion. We look at the fear but then she slowly converts it to moving on with what I am passionate about, suggesting small steps to get me to where I want to be. She guides and doesn't lead so I know I've come up with the solution. Every time I get off the phone from a coaching session with her I am renewed, confident and ready to move forward again.

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Lacy coached me through a time of big transition. I was wanting to make a major career shift and was floundering with direction. Lacy was able to rein me in and look at taking baby steps. She walked me through a process in which I felt much more in control when we were finished.

The other piece that Lacy was phenomenal at was acknowledging where I was and guiding me back to feeling good about my decisions and abilities to achieve what I want. It's almost a year later and her session still has a positive impact on me. She listens well, is reflective and really wanted to see me get to the place I wanted to be.

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Zachary Filkoff, Filmmaker, Multi-Media Producer

I've worked with Lacy for the past few months to gain knowledge and guidance on my career path and it has really been so excellent. She is supportive and is never pushy, always leaving me to come to my own conclusions on what my next step should be. She is always so flexible and I can tell she really cares about helping me succeed. Not to mention that I've been skeptical in the past to work with a coach and I have no regrets at all for picking up the phone for our first session! I would highly recommend her to anyone who has big dreams and wants to reach them.

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I had been struggling finding a direction after graduating college and coming to New York City. And I was also under the impression that I was doing everything I could, to find a job. When I started working with Lacy, she helped me realize it's all about discovering what you truly want for yourself, so that you can move toward that. I love starting off each session with a short breathing exercise too. She has a calm way of speaking and a very enthusiastic personality that will give you energy to take with you to your next interview!


Marisol Ballaro, Health Coach

I am so lucky to have worked with Lacy this past year. Her coaching style is firm but gentle. I've learned how to talk around situations as a defense mechanism. I certainly was unable to do that with her! I was forced to evaluate my life, address the underlying issues at hand and make a commitment to take action. She always made me feel like she was listening intently. The questions she posed always made me reflect and sometimes made me uncomfortable, however, I felt vulnerable but protected at the same time. If you're not challenged - you don't grow! Our follow up calls also kept me accountable. I would recommend Lacy to any friend or colleague in a heart beat!


Jacob K.

I run a business that was consuming my life, and I was really struggling with getting what I needed from my team. At the point I started working with Lacy, I was so stressed out, I could barely even imagine how my life could get better, or how the company could ever make a profit without me working 100 hours a week. Lacy provided such tremendous guidance, helping me find ethical and effective ways of communicating with those who worked for me, creating new systems to help not only myself, but also my staff, better manage our time, collaborate more effectively as a team and focus on our priorities.

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She helped me cultivate a culture that was both creative and responsible at the office-- a reflection not just of "standard wisdom" when it comes to business, but specifically of who I am and how I wanted my business to be. As part of the transition, I also had to let go of some people who were fighting new change in culture, many of whom had been at the company for a long time. This was particularly hard for me, not only because of the guilt I felt letting people go (even those who were standing in the way of the collaborative culture I was trying so hard to build), but also because of the fear I felt if I moved on from these people, the company might fall apart before I could train new people to take over their roles. Lacy helped me through this incredibly challenging time, helped me break it into manageable steps, identify and empower the people I could trust as we made the transition, deal with the emotional side of these very hard decisions and most importantly, find the confidence in myself to finally do what I really needed to do. Two months after the transition, my company had our highest gross in our ten year history, and I got to take a vacation where I barely checked email. Best of all, I now get to go to work every day with a happy and supportive team that all feel we are building something beautiful together. Now, I'm working with Lacy on my next step, using my new found time to get back into my creative flow outside of the office, getting back in touch with my creative side and the activities like writing and travel that give my life meaning. I'm so grateful to be working with Lacy. She's truly changed my life.